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The official Android M version for X7 & X7 plus
Hello Vivo fans,

Now, X7 & X7 Plus can be updated to Funtouch OS 3.0 based on Android M.

Please follow these steps to achieve it:
1, Please go to Settings>>System update, update your phone to the latest version;

2, Click this website:, to download the firmware for X7;
    Click this website: download the firmware for X7 Plus;

3, After it is downloaded, move it to the root directory of your phone storage or SD card without decompress.
(If you downloaded it through your phone, please open "File Manager", then touch "Zips" from "Category", find the firmware, press and hold it until the menu appears, touch "Cut", select "Paste" on the pop-out page. The firmware will be removed to the root directory of Phone storage.)

4, Go to File Manager, find this firmware file, touch it, select Install nowAfter that, you can experience Funtouch OS 3.0 on your phone.

1, Since it is possible that some data will be deleted, we suggest you to back up your important data on your phone via vivoCloud before doing it;
2, There are many settings which are changed in this update. After finishing it, you need to reset them. Hope you can understand it;

3, It is only for X7 and X7 Plus. Please don`t try to install it on other devices. Thanks! 

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Can I upgrade my chinise version x7 by this way
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(2017-04-07 05:30)riyadh hossain Wrote: Can I upgrade my chinise version x7 by this way

Hello Vivo fan,

This is Joe at your service. We are sorry for the late reply. Of course, it is for X7 with Chinese version Smile

Thanks for your support. Hope it may help!
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is this firmware stable? why isn't it aviable by OTA?

any replies from users?
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is english translation better or worse than in previous version?
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