Fun Photography

Enjoy smarter photos and unlimited photography fun with Y31’s powerful algorithms.

Palm Capture

Show your palm to the camera and let your Y31 do the rest. Take breath-taking photos and enjoy the wonders of smart vivo technology.With more fantastic features such as Face Beauty,Panorama,HDR and Watermark mode,Y31 makes every shot fun.

  • Super Screenshots

    Long Screenshot

    Long chat logs making it difficult to share? Don’t worry, now you can transform them into a single image via the enhanced vivo long screenshot function, and then share it across all your networks with ease.

  • Super Screenshots

    Funny Screenshot

    Ready to make your screenshots stylish? Now you can choose from rectangular, lasso, or doodle screenshot mode, unleashing your creative side.

  • Super Screenshots

    Screen Recording

    Take it to the next level by capturing on-screen activity and turn it into a video! Make game walkthroughs or application demos, showcasing your talent and imagination to the world.

Smart Wake 2.0, Smart Fun

A single fingertip lets you totally control your phone from a locked screen. Swipe patterns call up functions on command-such as your camera, music, browsers, social media, and more. Dazzle and delight with a mere magical touch!

Android 5.1

Based on the renowned Android 5.1 OS, the vivo Y31 enjoys top-level speed, unwavering app execution, and a battery life that keeps everything running for a longer time.

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